Malaysia 2013-15

Nothing too scary to write about here in Malaysia.  Overall it is quite safe and the area that we live is like a little city bubble that mostly expats live in.  The school has a great location and we are walking distance from it.  Takes me about 7 minutes to get to school and Sandra maybe 10 minutes.  We have all the coffee shops, fast food, restaurants, shopping centers (too many) and whatever else you need very close.  People are friendly and overall it is a great place to live.  Sometime lacks the adventure that a Nigeria has, but at times that is good as well…..

Below I’ve put a picture that reminds you it’s still a developing county.  It’s the wires that are hanging at walking level.  I’m sure they aren’t live……, but I’m not the one who is going to find out…  Aside of course from the monkeys that keep breaking into the gym at school.  They also watch what PE classes or basketball practice are doing & they do steal the balls from class and also leave some special prizes like poop & pee on the gym floor.

Anyway, we are enjoying it here.  We live in a condo that has all the amenities without a huge price tag and Kuala Lumpur is a great hub for travel.  I’ve put a picture from our window in the bedroom or house office area (both have same view).

Borneo is our spring break in 2014 & October break was Laos.  Christmas break 2014-15 is Myanmar and undetermined for our last spring break while in Malaysia.  We do still have an extra room if any of you are interested in visiting.  We have had several visitors (Margo, Stranske, Patel, & the Smiths), so don’t miss out on this chance of a lifetime……lol.


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